Web Presence Optimization References: World Panorama Stock photo agency

Client: World Panorama Stock photo agency


WorldPanoramaStock.com specializes in high resolution, high quality inspirational, Rights Managed only panoramic stock imagery to professional photo researchers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishers worldwide.


The agency was launched in April 2007 to represent established and emerging panoramic photographers and provide fresh new imagery to wide range of clients all around the globe. At that time there were only a few photo libraries specialized to panoramic photography, but the competitive set included the big online stock photo agencies with high budget for online promotion and SEO.



World Panorama Stock wanted to rank higher than big competitors for specific keywords that are related to panoramic photography and also with key phrases that are related to specific geographical locations.


Starting in March 2007 we have been using all of the available on- and off-page SEO techniques and on-site programming options to achive this goal despite many of the Google algorithm changes over the last 6 years

SEO Results

  1. High authority for the website
  2. Maintained high ranking for key phrases since the launch
  3. Increased organic search traffic and kept bounce rate below 35 per cent
  4. Kept the site on page 1 of Google despite of many Google algorithm changes
  5. Increased organic search traffic by 239% in Year 1
  6. Highest visibility score compared to competition

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