Web Presence Optimization References: Hungarian distributor for Belgian Omexco Wallpapers

Client: Hue Exkluziv Tapéta Kft., Hungarian distributor for Belgian Omexco Wallpapers

Website: http://www.exkluzivtapeta.hu

Hue Exkluzív Tapéta Kft. is an established wholesaler and distributor for the exclusive and premium wallpapers produce by the Belgian Omexco n.v.

The Challenge

The 2nd generation website for showcasing the wide variety of tapestries was created by a graphic designer and printing company with very basic SEO knowledge and experience. The site existed for about two years and nobody was aware that the average number of daily visitors were about 1.3 for organic searches and the site had not ranked for wallpapers related keywords, just for some branded ones (ie. company name). Though the Google Analytics tracking code was installed, but nobody had looked at the data to analyse the low performance and the website creator did not care anything about the site. No maintenance, no improvement, not a single coding change for over two years. Google index had stored only the pages of the previous HTML site, because the creator forgot to erase those old static pages. These series of huuuge mistakes resulted very little sales and everybody thought it was due to the recession. But it was due to no SEO, no continuous web presence optimization.



To create a completely new responsive (ie. mobile ready) website that meets Google Webmasters guidelines using the existing textual and visual content, product images. Have it indexed by Google fast and rank it high for most of the branded wallpapres product names and categories.

Sales previously went through some distributors and interior designers, but this strategy had to changed and the company had an objective to increase sales to end users, private clients as well.


We worked together with the business owner, filled in our online strategy brief, created buyer personas to better target end users.

Used our standard process for site redesing and target keyword selection in order to make launch of the new site smooth and indexation as fast as possible on a new, Partial Match Domain that was registered much earlier.

We had run standard keyword research, online competition analysis and based on the findings carefully designed all on-page SEO factors, such as Title, Description, image Alt texts for product shots and also for the huge variety of wallpaper pattern image files. Site content was based on the Joomla K2 component, but for future use we installed the Virtuemart component for smooth ecommerce transition in the future.

Installed standard XML sitemap and updated it whenever a new page and post was published. Installed Google Analytics tracking code with the Google account that was already used in the 2nd generation website. Optimized all of the pages. We run Advanced Web Ranking reports on a weekly basis to demonstrate progress.

SEO Results

  1. After two years of "non-existence" the new site was finally indexed by Google
  2. Just several days after the launch the site started to rank for highly competitive keywords in the wallpaper segment and
  3. Achived Top rankings compared to major competitors
  4. Visibility of the site is higher just after two months than all of those long existing online competitors
  5. After two months All traffic has increased by 800 per cent compared to previous period
  6. Organic traffic has increased by 600 per cent after two months
  7. First request for a particular wallpaper was received by an end user just after three weeks of launch
  8. After two years of silence the very 1st online order was received after five weeks of launch

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SEO Results: Distributor for Belgian Omexco Wallpapers

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