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Web Presence Optimization References: World Panorama Stock photo agency

Client: World Panorama Stock photo agency

Website: specializes in high resolution, high quality inspirational, Rights Managed only panoramic stock imagery to professional photo researchers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishers worldwide.


The agency was launched in April 2007 to represent established and emerging panoramic photographers and provide fresh new imagery to wide range of clients all around the globe. At that time there were only a few photo libraries specialized to panoramic photography, but the competitive set included the big online stock photo agencies with high budget for online promotion and SEO.

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Web Presence Optimization References: UK Photographer

Client: Dominic Pote Fine art photographer


Working with an experimental photographic (non-digital) process, developed over the past 12 years, Dominic Pote Fine-Art Photographer makes large-scale panoramic works. Almost painterly in style, his photographs are made using a custom-made film camera; each image captured on a single piece of film. His work has been exhibited widely over the past 12 years and his work is held in many public, corporate and private art collections.



Dominic Pote's homepage was a not-optimized, outdated and hacked Wordpress site that was not indexed by Google at all. All pages had the same Title and according to the free statistic script installed it ranked for two keywords, that was his Family and First name only. It had very low traffic due to these facts above. Due to the not too easy understand security measures of his hosting company the robots.txt and sitemap.xml wasn't ocassionally accessible to robots.

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Web Presence Optimization References: Hungarian Psychologist

Client: Ms. Andrea Bencsik, HR Consultant & Psychologist with online practice

Websites: and

Ms. Andrea Bencsik has been working as a qualified psychologist since 1989, and been a private practitioner since 1997.
Between 1992 and 1997 she had been working as a Human Resource Manager for General Electric Lighting in Budapest and been a Human Resource Advisor since 1997 for several companies including different multinational companies ie. Ericsson, GlaxoSmithKline, Citibank, Syngenta, Metro Holding. She was the first in Hungary who started online therapy via Skype for Hungarian citizens living and working abroad.



It requires a lot of trust to choose a therapist if you realized that you need professional psychical advice and support. Our client was convinced that people choose their therapist based on personal recommendations only and patients will not turn to her via online search.

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Web Presence Optimization References: Hungarian distributor for Italian hair care products

Client: Selective Professional, Hungarian distributor for Italian hair care products

Website: (we had been managing this project between 2012 and 2014. Currently it is being upgraded with e-commerce function added by LV Services)

Selective Professional Hungary is an established wholesaler and distributor for a wide range of professional hair care products selling to hairdressers and salons via sales representatives.


The 3rd generation company website was "designed" by a graphic designer with little knowledge in web programming languages and virtually no SEO knowledge or experience. All of the pages of the site had the same Title of "Selective Professional" and the pages were not optimzed at all. On top of that they used many Flash elements. The Google index cached only the pages of the previous site, not this one. And if this was not enough: no one had been aware of this situation for more than two years since they did not used any of the Google tools, such as Analytics or Webmasters Tools.

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